About me

My name is Suwanna . currently living as a housewife with my beautiful Husband . Almost my free times loved to spent for crafting . definitely Crocheting is my passion , but I am still interesting for other crafting like knitting , sculpting and sewing . I knew crochet when i was little from my class ,Once i have seen these stitches from my pretty teacher . She could very well crocheting and i saw her making a sweater for her boyfriend . At that time i have no idea how to work on these thing .It was really interesting stitches and incredible hand making , and that time i obviously curious how to do that . She definitely taught me well for the basic of crochet but I was so silly to remember it on these time Lol , and later i tried making ones by self . At the beginning time of my crocheting I did it not really well hehe !!! but still keep doing on it when I have free time during my class . Scarfs and bienies crocheted are my favourites on that time. Of course ! i loved my craft so much even it turn out look so funny πŸ˜‚ . Year later i interested of knitting and than i bought a supplies tools and watched knitting tutorials on youtube but just shortly time learnt about these things must to left it away because it was so complicated for me. Finally back to crocheting. Once i was in handmade market and suddenly saw the pretty teddy bears crocheted actually it was an adorable and i would get ones belong to me . So basically i have no idea about Amigurumi crochet but when i thought of those teddy bear crocheted what i have seen in handmade market I directly have an inspiration to created my own ones with different clothing and other animals crocheted as well . 😁From that time to now you can see how pretty these beautiful things I made from social media that I have post. I definitely proud of myself in this case what i am doing on crafting but still continued learning for other crafting as well . The peoples admired of my handmade that really make me happy and alway get me inspiration for new create things and share with you on social media . Please keep looking around my store and any Link to come close to me ,these are my experienced since ever i started crocheting till now it was over 15 year , i always shared you my crafts on πŸ‘‰πŸ» YouTube channel : suwanna's crafts roomπŸ‘‰πŸ» Instagram : suwannascraftsroom πŸ‘‰πŸ» Facebook/pages/ : suwannascraftsroom

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